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Retaining Walls


Have you ever seen a retaining wall that just didn’t look quite right?

Was it leaning out, leaning in, looked like a roller coaster, or just plain fell over? That wall was probably installed incorrectly, or the materials used weren’t up to the task. We know what is needed to make a great looking wall for you. If you want a timber or wood wall, we can do that. How about a natural stone wall, we can do that.  Maybe a boulder wall is more your taste, we can do that. Retaining walls are our business, and with many wall blocks to choose from, we can find one that works for you.

A.L.S. Landscape constructs walls that stand the test of time.

There are many factors and job site requirements that can determine how a wall should be built, what material to use, and if engineering is needed first.

Don’t trust the success of your retaining wall or seatwall to a store just trying to move product. Contact A.L.S. Landscape today to show you how we can use the best materials and complete the best installation, to construct the best walls for your needs.

But, what do you do if you already have a wall that needs some maintenance or repair?

No worries, contact us for the best, most cost effective solution today!