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If you have heard that a paver patio should be constructed using 2″ of sand, then let A.L.S. Landscape show you why that doesn’t work.

We use a minimum of 6″ of compacted gravel and 1″ of sand. The most important part of building a beautiful paver patio is compaction, compaction, compaction.

Pavers versus Concrete

A paver patio, sidewalk or driveway will add value to your home or business place.

Poured concrete is a low cost option to pavers, however pavers have many advantages over concrete.

Paver and Hardscape Maintenance

When A.L.S. Landscape installs your paver patio, you will have the option of sealing the pavers. If you like the wet look, we can do that. If you prefer the natural look, we can do that as well. This is an additional cost, but also provides the additional benefits:

When you choose to have your pavers sealed, you can continue to seal the pavers every 5 years if you wish. If your pavers have been down for some time, are dirty and have moss in the cracks, A.L.S. can clean your pavers back to new, and seal them to provide many more years of enjoyment.

A.L.S. Landscape also is experienced in repair of existing paver patios. We can repair: